Because there is a wide variety of size and condition of homes as well as various service options, please request an in-home estimate appointment below to get a price for home cleaning services.

Other Housekeeping services will provide you with a quote over the telephone. But often they will charge you for the actual time their housekeepers spend cleaning your home. So you may be very shocked that what they charge is considerably more than you expected. Even if you are given their hourly rate, you won’t know how long it is going to take them to clean.

For two important reasons we feel it beneficial to send our experienced estimator to meet with you at your home:

First: We find that our regularly scheduled clients appreciate knowing the exact price they are going to be paying. No surprises. Based upon a great deal of cleaning experience and a price chart, the estimator will determine the time it should take the housekeepers. It is based upon the size of your home, the condition, and frequency of cleans. Even if the estimator under-estimates the time needed, we still complete the job to the satisfaction of the client at the price given. American Housekeeping will cover the additional cost, not you. The estimate only takes a few minutes and there is absolutely no obligation or high pressure.

Secondly: We provide our Standard White Glove Service and a sequence for cleaning that our housekeepers have been trained to follow to ensure that they don’t overlook anything in your home. This also makes them very efficient. However, often clients have a few special needs or specific instructions as well. The estimator takes notes about these special needs so the housekeepers will be clear about them upon arrival at your home so they can get right to work without wasting any time and without the need for the client to manage and instruct them at the time of service. These notes are especially critical if you don’t plan to be home when we are there cleaning.
For our one time customers: For a move out, or if we are only needed once, we charge an hourly rate which is per man-hour. For that hourly rate we provide 2 or 3 housekeepers. The rate would be our hourly rate times the number of housekeepers. They come fully equipped with all cleaning supplies and equipment needed. For a one-time clean we also provide an estimate. And for these types of cleanings, we require a 6-man hour minimum.

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